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Now we spun

I have been very social and drunk latly...I wonder if there is a connection? I've just been going out to hang with friends a lot latly, haven't been home the last 2 nights. Fri night went to John's place with Angie and several other people showed up. We had fun talking, smoking the hooka, more talking. Then last night I went to my Mother's wedding reception then after that I went to Thom and Tony's dual birthday party. Which I had perhaps a little too much fun at, first time I've gotten sick from drinking in well over a year. Alcohol just isn't my bag, but it's fun every now and then. I think I will stay away from it until the Chavez turns 21, which is shaping up to be a pretty spiffy event.

I got my tax refund back, have paid many bills since then. Also got myself a few nifty bits including the coolest hoodie ever, the front has Conner and Murphy from The Boondock Saints and the back has the prayer they recite in the movie. Too sweet. Also bought a copy of We the people by Flipsyde, which is my current band obsession. Kyler got me into them a while ago and I've been chomping at the bit to get a copy of the CD, which Hastings never seems to have, so I went to Best Buy. Also bought a copy of it for John as I knew it was right up his ally, I was right.

All is pretty well, I still need to do massive cleaning, I've only hit the edges. My time just goes so fast. I can't say no when my buds want to hang, will have to focus more on the cleaning next week I think.
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