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Dropping like the grains in an hour glass

So a few days ago at work this little kid, like maybe 2, is in and he is acting like your typical little snot-goblin. Keeps trying to touch the candy, running around, the usual. Not so much badly behaved as poorly supervised because his mother is too busy picking out candy to really watch her child. So I am keeping his hands out of the bins, but I can't really stop him from running around. Then he runs at full two year old speed right into the glass wall and bounces back about 4 feet, looks stunned, then starts to cry. I had a really hard time not laughing out loud. I mean this kid flew back because he was really booking when he made contact, and the look on his face coupled with the fantastic thud! It was a close thing, I had to bite my cheeks or I would have laughed and his mother prolly would have hit me. It was my happy thought all day though.

Lily is making cookies, which I am looking forward to. We just had totalini for dinner, she helped prepare that as well. I think 7 is plenty old enough to start learning how to cook.
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