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Birthday bits

I had the greatest birthday ever, and I say that every year and every year it's true. The scavenger hunt went well and everyone had a good time and great stories, the prizes were well received.

The actual party was a amazing. I'd say over the course of the night around 40 people came through. The fire twirling was awesome, Ducky worked it and John did pretty decent too. The burlesque dance Amy gave me was hot and well preformed. Lots of Soul Calibur was played, lots of shit talked, hehe. Everyone mingled and talked and ate, lots of laughing.

So many of my friends were there, it was just total birthday bliss. I also got a ton of great presents, which I will list for my own sake, you may skip.

An iHome, DDR pads, A worst case senarios survival boared game, The Sandman 10, A new lamp, a pimptastic Boba Fett figure, makeup,a pedicure, a NIN ticket, a dolphin stamp, a new choker, a Dane Cook T -shirt that says "I am NOT a twat.", lots of dank, a book of short stories, an Abnormal Psychology book a shiny box to hold my keys, wallet, etc. I also got the following CDs: The best of Stevie Wonder, The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, some Jason Mraz, The Wicked soundtrack and the following DVDs: Anne of Green Gables, Grandma's Boy, Reefer Madness, The Tick season 1 and 2, Sam and Max, Paper Moon, Four Rooms, I spit on your grave, Basketball, Serenity, and The Green Mile a total of $120.00 and I will be getting a snake later on from Gourney. My friends and family rock.

After the party was exceptionally nice too, as was the morning and afternoon of today. In fact it was about tied with the party for being the best part of my birthday.
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