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I'll try to make a long story short, eh

I've had problems on and off with my apt over the years, last winter was exceptionally bad with a busted fridge, no heat, no stove, for two weeks. I've been pretty patient for the most part. However, after repeated complaints and a really bad leak in the bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling, plus broken fence, mailbox, drawer, the fridge busting down again and bannister pulling out of the wall, I refused to pay May's rent until everything was fixed. It was 10 days before my fridge got fixed, a chunk of kitchen ceiling fell out and stagnant water poured out, I had the hole there for 4 days until it was repaired. The bannister got remounted, but is already getting loose again. So I asked for a deduction for May, it seemd only fair. I mean the leak was gross, no fridge meant grocery shopping daily, and the slick tile from the leak caused Lily to slip and get a nasty bruise on her leg. They refused to give me any kind of deduction at all.

So now the leak is back, plaster keeps falling out of the ceiling and water drips constantly. They are taking me to court next Mon for failure to pay rent. I took pics of everything that was wrong as well as one of Lily's bruise. I am scared because I don't want to be evicted, but I really feel I am in the right on this. I'm so tired of things breaking and not getting fixed or getting fixed in a shoddy way.

Now perhaps you are thinking "Why don't you just move?" Well for one I don't think I should have to inconvienence myself with a move when I haven't done anything wrong. I like the neighborhood, it's decent and the location is perfect. I live right by a GOOD school for my child, a grocery store, and three major bus lines. Since I don't have a car this is very important to me. I can take Lily to school and catch a bus across the street that gets me to the rapid ride and then to work, takes 25 mins. I also live near 4 sets of people who can get my child in an emergency. The repairs arn't impossible, it's just that things get old and need to be replaced, the apt is actually pretty nice. I have a small yard, a washer and dryer hook up for my washer and dryer, there is upstairs and downstairs with the rooms above which is a set up I like. I am tired of moving, since I came to Alb 11 years ago I have moved 9 times and I don't want to again. I got railroaded out of the last place I lived because my lease lapsed and I was on a month to month and they decided I couldn't have pets after 2 years of living there with a cat. Moving is a HUGE hassle for me, to have to pack everything Lily and I own, find a place and move, all with no car, little time and so on.

Anyway, wish me luck guys, I am really nervous.
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