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The marching band refused to yield

My vacation was very relaxing. I would guess I spent at least 30% of my time in a hammock reading. I got through Silence Of The Lambs, Ella Enchanted, and started The Dilbert Principle. I also clocking in some good reading time to and from on the planes. The camp site was very beautiful, again next to a good sized creek as was last year. Highlights are as follows:

Hiking up a dried out waterfall with my nephew and later my brother, and later again my daughter and my neice.
Watching the full moon come up while listening to the creek, frogs, birds and catching sight of bats. All while on a log, by myself, with a bowl. Like people have been doing for thousands of years, just enjoying that moment, feeling very much a part of something larger and more important then just myself.
Swimming naked in a clear, cold, mountain creek, yeah baby!
Cahooting with Ryder, we got up to shinanigans!
Hammocks. Hell. Yes.

Of course I couldn't have done any of that if I didn't have the wonderful friends I do. They packed and moved all my stuff while I was gone. Please feel free to remind me of what an incredibly fortunate girl I am. I get thrown out of my home but am still able to go on vacation and come back landing on my feet because of the people I love. I think it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, how do I begin to repay that kind of selflessness?

Tomorrow after work I start looking for a new place to live. Ideally I will have one withen a week. If that isn't possible I know I can in less then a month. I can't stand the thought of not having my own place, of having to crash with friends who have already gone way out of their way to help me. It just offends my dignity to have to be taken care of for any great length of time.
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