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Tongue tied and twisted

just and earthbound misfit, I

19 May
I keep changing this part. What kind of impression do I want to make in this little bit of space I am provided? I used to think it should be clever and informitive to capture attention, then I realized I don't really like attention. Whatever impression this journal gives of me is only a facet of myself anyway, the whole picture takes to much time to paint. I like my journal, I like reading over it every so often and recalling parts of my life. I think it's interesting, but there is extream bias there as I am bound to find my musings witty and informative simply because I know all the reference. I have met some wonderful people on here though and I do appreciate that aspect. My biggest fault is that I'm still not living up to my full potential, though I swear I am really trying. It's just that fufilling my full potential seems to cut into my sittin' around time. I often say I hate people, but I don't actually, I just get really angry with them because they so rarely seem to try to embrace the better angels of their nature. I also bake a wicked cheese cake and give awesome back rubs, which is one of the few ways Republicans can be tamed.

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