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Never say forever 'cause nothing lasts

I'm in the middle of another social life, I seem to have one every two months or so. Bar B Qs, birthdays, random gatherings, graduations, concerts. It's been enjoyable. Lily went to Texas with Jodi over Spring break, she got to go to Sea World and I got a bit of a break, though after about 4 days I missed her like a mad thing and wanted her back.

Went and saw Korn last month, a Korn with no Head, Headless Korn, they came with no Head...not that I'm bitter or anything. Actually they were still a good show and there was this Lucious Malfoy looking fellow who was all over back up vocals, crazy drum beats and guitar rifts, different things for different songs. No idea who he was but he rocked. There was a medly of old songs played that I dubbed mixed Korn. Alia and John were calling the newer songs Creamed Korn, the puns just got worse from there.

NIN will be here next month and I went speechless when Alia first told me a few weeks ago that they were actually going to play here. Mike got me my ticket as a birthday present. Squeek. I've wanted to see them for most of my life so to say I am looking forward to it is rather understating the situation. Everytime I think about it I get that happy helium belly feeling.

St. Patricks day was fun, the party was up to standard and the food was tasty. My buddy Zack from my Tuesday Morning days was there. He randomly called me a few weeks before after over a year of not beig in touch, very cool. He is not to be confused with the other Zach I once was friends with, that Zach I no longer see or talk to. Anyway, this Zack and I have been hanging out regularly since, which has been a lot of fun. He cracks me up and for someone so young he is wicked sharp and clever.

Um....That about wraps it up, TTFN
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