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Danceing with the bones of my buried past

I've been thinking a lot about why I'm so often angered by people at work. I really like everything about my job except the people. I obviously love having Alia as a boss. The company is pretty good too, we get bonuses and prizes for selling well, I've even answered a personal call from the owner thanking us for our high numbers. Even though I don't like eating candy it's a product I have no morale qualms about selling. I get paid very fairly for what I do. I never have schedule problems, my co-workers (Mark and Amy C) are both fun as well as good workers. And if it's really slow and I've already done everything I need to do I can read. Everything is all so nice until you throw in the customers.

I'm sorry, I know I gripe about it a lot, just have to vent a little. It's so simple to shop in my store and I don't mind helping people who really need it. Little kids for example. I've had several well behaved little ones who come into my store and ask for help because they have $4.00 or whatever and want to know what they can buy, or people in wheel chairs, obviously I'm going to help them. People who have questions that arn't stupid are always people I am willing to help as much as I can. For reference I think a stupid question is anything a person asks me that they could have read on a sign or a wrapper.

That is the problem really, people not reading anything. Just dealing with willful stupidity, not actual need. I hate having to treat the majority of people as drooling morons by pointing at signs and prices or reading a list of ingredients. Over and over, all day. It's at a point where when someone comes in, finds the bags on their own, knows how much they are spending and knows what kinds of payment we take, when someone can really do ALL that, I thank them. If said person also is nice, doesn't grunt at me, and asks how I'm doing I will offer several types of samples of candy. Because we are supposed to sample it out, but I am trying to reward good behavior so I only offer to pepople who are nice. I've also given discounts/free candy to people who have really been fun and made me laugh or just broken up the monotony. That's only happened about 5 or 6 times in the last year and a half. Basically I am trying to encourage people to act polite and intelligent. I don't have much hope, but I can keep trying.
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