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I'm finished, I'm getting you off my chest

I'm sicky, evil martian death cold, bah. I get at least two of those a year, thppppt. Hrmmmm, I don't think I ever mentioned the Reel Big Fish concert on April 22nd, it was fooking fabulous and free at that. I felt almost guilty for not paying, it was that good. I now desire to go out and spend lots of moneys on Reel Big Fish products. NIN is soon too, hehehehehehe, it's a year of good concerts thus far.

So there was a woman in the store the other day and no matter what her daughter looked at (rock candy, cotton candy gum, pixie stix) she kept saying "Well, you know, that's just pure sugar" I had to try really hard not to laugh, because, ya know, it's a candy store, sugar is pretty much the main ingrediant in everything. I was tempted to walk over to the sun glasses kiosk and start looking at sun glasses and repeating over and over "Well, you know, those block UV rays."

It's sad to be sick and craving chicken noodle soup when you are a vegitarian.
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