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Life could be a dream sweetheart

Life is still pretty nice, the apt should be ready for me withen 48 hours. I had a wonderful date with Mikey the other night, he's still proving to be quite delightful. We seem about equal bowlers, I won the first game, he won the second. Then there was a lightening storm over the mountains that we enjoyed at the edge of a park with nothing to obstruct the view. Plus I found out I still know how to get to hidden park, I rock.

Still really enjoying staying with Alia and Micheal, even though the Wilhemina cat is in heat and keeps trying to mate with my feet and my luggage. Still getting a really big kick out of The Doom Patrol. Plus I get to talk to Micheal and Alia regularly and I get to hear all about the show Micheal is working on. I'm always excited to see his work, but it's even better when the anticipation can build like this. Alia and I worked out the FMOT theory, Five Minutes Of Thought. It's just the idea that before a person does anything that they ought to give it Five Minutes Of Thought, thought about how it will affect those around you, thought that doesn't involve what you yourself want but rather what others may need.

ION, Thom put all kinds of fun stuff on my Ipod for me including Aenima, which I haven't had a copy of since my last one was stolen 4 years ago. I do so love Tool and that has my favorite Tool song on it. Huzzah.
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