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Lines, friction, bumps

I'm still busy, lots of outings and then home to unpack some more, fun and frivolity and what not. Let me tell you, I really enjoy me some good what not. I must recount the delivery of our candy order the other day: It was a delivery man whom I hadn't had before you sang, joked and then danced with me in the store to the song Walkin On Sunshine That totally made my day. Oh, and go Italy for beating those damned French!

I've been enjoying 'Lia's hot tub all kinds latly, it helps a lot with the sore of the owe in the muscles. Also finished reading Memiors of a Geisha and I loved it! I am considering re-reading Good Omens soon, it was such a fun book and the last time I read it I was useing it as an escape from life so there are parts I don't compleatly remember.
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