Dreamstatic (kodrana) wrote,

Chirstmas Eve and I am contentish

Merry Christmas to everyone. Mine will be mellow, I have to work for 4 hours and then I'll be with my family the rest of the day, which should be pretty nice. All in life is about the same, I work, I read a lot, play with Lily. I did get registered for school, again, and this time it all seems like it's going to go well. I start classes Jan 8th, yay. Still don't have a working car, but getting closer bit by little bit so I'm sure it'll happen at some point. Lily is doing very well, she was on the honer roll again, her teachers like her and say she does very well. She had her first trip to the ER a few months back, cracked her wee head open and need five staples in it.

Sigourney is engaged to Keith and I am very happy about it. I get to help plan the wedding, which will be in May. It looks to be a lot of fun and I am SO happy she is finally with a worthy man who treats her right and isn't a total jackass. I got to pick out the engagment ring too, which was rather fun.

All in all I am pretty OK, looking forward to school and all. Hope all is well with all out there, take care.
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